Meet Michael and Rosa

Rosa Michael

Our clients are our biggest awards – Meet Michael and Rosa.*

We met Michael and Rosa originally at one of our Center Square open houses.

They were first time homebuyers who found out about the house online and decided to drop by, even though they were a little nervous about going to see a house during the pandemic.

Michael and Rosa shared with the Center Square Advisor hosting the open house that were not working with a real estate agent on their home search. The advisor made the couple feel instantly comfortable by answering their questions – but gently reminding them not to share anything they wouldn’t want the seller to know, as the advisor was representing them.

A few days later, the couple called our office asking for help in finding their first home. When we asked how they found out about us, the answer was clear:

“Speaking with your team made us feel instantly at ease. They were upfront and honest and answered our questions without pressuring us to work with them or digging in to get information they could use to make a sale. Buying a house is a big decision, and we want to work with someone who can guide us.”

*Our clients are our first priority, so we’ve changed their names and photos to protect their privacy. But, their stories are 100% real.