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For many clients, income-producing real estate has been not only the financial cushion for decades but also a connection to generations of family or a future legacy.

When it’s time to explore your options for buying or selling an investment property, you deserve an expert to give you all the information and guide you to the best decision.

At Center Square, you get the full team. Depending on what you need, we bring the right resources to the table including legal, accounting and financial professionals.

We are masters of keeping things simple and managing the process. Although each situation may have its complexities, our approach is direct and we make things as easy as possible.

Connect with us and let’s talk.

Successful Investments

Our happy customers are our best awards. Read a few of our success stories and see how Center Square can help you move.
Center Square Success Peter
Sold: $3,300,000
Address: Arlington, MA
Vlad needed help selling several small commercial buildings, along with a few other income properties. He approached Center Square on behalf of his father, who had always made all of the decisions about the properties so far, but his health began to deteriorate. Though the family knew a sale was…
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CenterSquare INVEST 2
Sold: $1,100,000
Address: Marlborough, MA
Inez owned an investment property that she knew was valuable. There was plenty of new construction in the area which increased its value even more. Inez was unsure and anxious about what to do with it. What if the value kept increasing and she let go of it too soon?…
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