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CenterSquare RENT 4

Rent Four

Sales Price: $2850 / Month
Address: Shrewsbury, MA

Christopher reached out to Center Square to help him find a rental. He shared that making sure his new place was child-friendly was important. When the Center Square advisor met Christopher and his family, he quickly learned his child had special needs that caused him to need a very quiet, safe environment. He was also in a hurry to find a place so he could enroll his child in school and find him the assistance he needed.

The Center Square advisor found a great place that the family was comfortable in. After the application was accepted, the landlord changed his mind and wanted to renegotiate some of the terms on the lease. Center Square also saw a few discrepancies on the lease, so they worked with their internal team of lawyers to make sure the family got a great deal. They moved in and the child is happy at their new school.

“Words couldn’t describe how wonderful these people are. Truly.”

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