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CenterSquare RENT 3

Rent Three

Sales Price: $1975 / Month
Address: Cambridge, MA

A Center Square advisor was driving around with his client Joanne doing apartment tours. The advisor could sense Joanne’s tension and tried to figure out what was wrong. Joanne ultimately shared that she meditates every morning, and she was worried her new place would have too much noise. She didn’t think it was relevant to bring up, but she began to realize it would be a big deal for her happiness.

Joanne’s advisor quickly made a few updates on their tour list. Together they visited an apartment that had a large window facing a peaceful pond. Joanne visibly brightened and said that she couldn’t think of a better place to spend her mornings. Center Square helped her sign a lease later that week.

“Center Square takes the time to pay attention to the little things that meant so much to me.”

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