People first, real estate second.

CenterSquare About Hero Triangle

Center Square’s weekly brainstorm

Here at Center Square, we’re putting the real back in real estate. We are built to let you move your way. By combining compassion and technology, Center Square makes buying and selling a home easy.

Our proprietary home buying and selling service, CS Connect, is specifically designed to help you let go and move on, wherever, whenever. Whether that’s meeting with you from the comfort of your couch or coming into our home (aka our flagship shop in the heart of Greater Boston) we meet you where you are.

Hearing about you, your family, and your story moves us. We want to know what you want and need and what your next home looks like. Life is a series of moves and we listen more than talk. Radical, right?

After thousands of real estate transactions, our greatest measure of success is making moves easier and more transparent for our clients. At Center Square you’ll find empathetic, good people who happen to know a thing or two about real estate. It all starts with one simple question: “How do you move?”

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The Center Square Difference

In case you’re still wondering how we’re different, here’s a taste of the Center Square Way.

The other way
Our way
Approach your real estate needs based on what is best for the agent Understand the full view of what matters most to you, and work hard to make it happen
Rely on marketing claims and self-promotion to impress you Keep things simple so we can focus on doing the best by you
See you as just another mark on a sales report Be your real estate advisor, helping you make your best move
Closing deals with commission as the top priority Closing on your behalf only when it’s right because your success is how we track ours
Real estate agents who are focused on houses instead of people Experienced, caring people who happen to be great at real estate

Featured Team Members

Meet a few of the people who make Center Square better:

Vin Cannistraro / Vice President of Operations

Vin has over 30 years of experience in the construction and real estate industries, but his way of making people feel right at home is his real superpower.

Before joining the Center Square family, Vin served as the COO at one of the largest privately-owned mechanical contractors in the country. Vin has a knack for cultivating relationships, a deep understanding of negotiation techniques, and the ability to provide honest yet compassionate guidance. Vin’s way with people is truly special (you’ll see when you meet him). It’s commonplace for a former client to walk through the doors of our Boston location just to check in on how Vin is doing lately.

When he’s not supporting his clients, Vin loves spending time with family, making homemade paella, or watching his beloved Boston Celtics play.

Cale Gooby / Client Relationship Manager

Cale is an out-of-the-box thinker who takes the time to examine his client’s needs from every angle.

Before discovering his passion and skill for helping people move on to their perfect home, Cale worked in the hospitality space. His talent creating next-level experiences for customers combined with his deep real estate knowledge make him a valued member of the Center Square family. Cale prides himself on taking care of his clients and finding creative solutions to serve their best interests. Got a problem or a question? Cale is on it, leaving no stone left unturned.

Cale is a father of two young children and is active in the Watertown community.

Sarah Gosselin / Senior Buyer Agent

Sarah’s skilled eye for discovering the best in a property is matched only by her deep compassion and desire to help her clients.

Having handled many types of real estate deals, Sarah has honed her penchant for finding the beauty in a property, no matter what shape it’s in. Her organization, attention to detail and tendency to be proactive rather than reactive are key assets in keeping her people moving forward. Sarah takes on any challenge with a great attitude and ability to make her clients feel at ease.

Though she’s lived her whole life in Massachusetts, Sarah’s heart is in Paris where she spent a semester in college and became fluent in French.

Darwin / Chief Canine Housing Analyst

Darwin is Center Square’s head of morale. When he’s not enjoying head scratches or giving his best puppy dog eyes to score treats, this sublime canine is known for making guests feel exceptionally welcome. We may be biased, but we’re pretty sure you’ll love him as much as we do.

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