People first, real estate second.

Here at Center Square, we’re putting the real back in real estate. We are built to let you move your way. By combining compassion and technology, Center Square makes buying and selling a home easy.

Our proprietary home buying and selling service, CS Connect, is specifically designed to help you let go and move on, wherever, whenever. Whether that’s meeting with you from the comfort of your couch or coming into our home (aka our flagship shop in the heart of Greater Boston) we meet you where you are.

Hearing about you, your family, and your story moves us. We want to know what you want and need and what your next home looks like. Life is a series of moves and we listen more than talk. Radical, right?

After thousands of real estate transactions, our greatest measure of success is making moves easier and more transparent for our clients. At Center Square you’ll find empathetic, good people who happen to know a thing or two about real estate. It all starts with one simple question: “How do you move?”

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The Center Square Difference

In case you’re still wondering how we’re different, here’s a taste of the Center Square Way.

The other way
Our way
Approach your real estate needs based on what is best for the agent Understand the full view of what matters most to you, and work hard to make it happen
Rely on marketing claims and self-promotion to impress you Keep things simple so we can focus on doing the best by you
See you as just another mark on a sales report Be your real estate advisor, helping you make your best move
Closing deals with commission as the top priority Closing on your behalf only when it’s right because your success is how we track ours
Real estate agents who are focused on houses instead of people Experienced, caring people who happen to be great at real estate

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