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CenterSquare SUCCESS Best Suburban Move

Best Suburban Move

Francis and Miguel had been renting an apartment in the city for many years. Though they loved their space, they were ready to move out to the suburbs into a house. Francis was nervous because it was a big transition. What could he and Miguel afford for a mortgage payment? Would they still have a town center where they could go out and have fun?

Their Center Square advisor helped them hone in on what really mattered to them. Then, their advisor found homes in their price range that had the location and amenities they wanted. Their advisor helped them sign papers without incident, and the couple is happily settled in their new home.

“Buying for the first time is intimidating. We felt so lucky to have Center Square in our corner to answer every question we had.”

CenterSquare SUCCESS Best Makeover Award

Best Makeover Award

Michael was looking to sell a home with over 40 years of memories, and wear and tear to match. Center Square coordinated a team to clean the house out, remove window coverings to let more light in, and take up the rugs to reveal the original hardwood flooring. The small, cost-effective updates made the house much more marketable.

Center Square ended up selling the house for $25,000 over asking price which more than covered the cost of the repairs and left Michael extremely happy with the final deal.

“I feel so much better now. Thank you for the job you did.”

CenterSquare SUCCESS Most Tech Savvy

Most Tech-Savvy Sale

Christine had inherited a four-family home, but her partner Jeff was very ill, and the bills were adding up. A quick sale would help her tremendously, but she didn’t want her home to be publicly listed because of the embarrassment she felt about the situation. Christine was also concerned about her tenants and their peace of mind.

A Center Square advisor visited the property and took extensive videos to share with a private buyer pool. Based on a “virtual showing”, they were able to obtain an offer, however, the buyer ended up lowering their price by over 20%. Center Square advised Christine and Jeff not to accept the terms because they were confident in the property’s value and found a buyer who honored their price shortly thereafter. The previous tenants were also allowed to stay, alleviating Christine’s original concerns.

“After having gone through so much – we just wanted to be done. Center Square got us there without stress. We couldn’t be more grateful.”

CenterSquare SUCCESS Longest Distance

Longest Distance Buy

Ryan, Denise, and their family were relocating to Boston from Alaska. Their budget was very limited, and Center Square needed to find a home that was close to public transportation, had an outdoor garden, and was quiet enough for Ryan’s elderly mother to live there.

Their Center Square advisor took time and care to educate Ryan and Denise on the area and figure out which neighborhood would suit them best. Though a few options fell through due to inspection issues, Center Square kept at it ultimately finding them a home that fit all of their needs – with an incredible vegetable garden to match.

“We had a lot of tricky requirements, and our advisor didn’t skip a beat. 100% would work with Center Square again.”

Center Square Success Peter

A+ Income Property Sale

Vlad needed help selling several small commercial buildings, along with a few other income properties. He approached Center Square on behalf of his father, who had always made all of the decisions about the properties so far, but his health began to deteriorate. Though the family knew a sale was the right way to go, Vlad’s father resisted causing stress for everyone.

Vlad’s Center Square advisor was able to help negotiate new lease terms, find a new buyer, and assist with the 1031 exchange on the property. Vlad’s Center Square advisor invested all of the proceeds from the sale into a ground lease opportunity, leaving Vlad with a steady income and the ability to move without stress and focus on his father’s health.

“Center Square’s best is better than anything we’ve seen before.”

CenterSquare BUY 4

Happiest Family Award

Alex and Jean wanted to buy a new home. The couple had identical twins though they were incredibly different – one excelled in math and science while the other loved acting and the arts. Alex and Jean wanted to find a school system that would be able to support each of their son’s strengths. Jean also had a small catering business so having a large kitchen was important.

Their Center Square advisor researched extensively and found one of the few towns in the state that had a school system with programs that focused on both sciences and the arts. The advisor set up a day of home tours and ultimately found the perfect house, complete with plenty of kitchen space and a great office.

“Our advisor treated us and saw us like real people, not just how much budget we had.”