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Sales Price: $950,000
Address: Boston (South End), MA

Colleen was single and thought she wanted a house in the suburbs, complete with a proverbial white picket fence. She had a last-minute change of heart and decided to stay in the city instead. Her Center Square advisor scheduled a private showing of a condo that Colleen quickly fell in love with.

Knowing the neighborhood like the back of his hand, Colleen’s Center Square advisor suggested she move quickly if it was a place she truly loved because he knew the place would sell. With her advisor’s help, Colleen ended up closing for under market value. Colleen and her advisor later discovered an open house didn’t take place because of unplanned circumstances for the seller. With quick action and a great sense for the market, Center Square was able to save the client thousands and find her a gem of a place.

“My advisor literally has a sixth sense for real estate. I was so happy he told me to make the move – I ended up saving thousands.”

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