Let go. Move on.SM

CenterSquare INVEST 2

Invest Two

Sales Price: $1,100,000
Address: Marlborough, MA

Inez owned an investment property that she knew was valuable. There was plenty of new construction in the area which increased its value even more. Inez was unsure and anxious about what to do with it. What if the value kept increasing and she let go of it too soon?

Her Center Square advisor helped her negotiate a deal where she sold the property to a development company. By investing the proceeds from the sale into the new project, Center Square was able to strike a deal where Inez would benefit from future profits generated by the new project being built. This allowed Inez to let go of the property without fear or guilt.

“Real estate can be tricky and confusing. I was so glad to offload the stress of having the property, but still be making money from it.”

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