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Buy Michelle Todd

Buy Three

Sales Price: $700,000
Address: Waltham, MA

Michelle, Todd, and their family had relocated to Massachusetts and were renting a house. The landlord called them and said they were going to be putting the house on the market and wanted to sell it to Michelle and Todd.

Michelle and Todd called Center Square for advice and learned the landlord was trying to sell it to them for 10-15% above market value. The Center Square advisor was able to explain step-by-step to the landlord why he should come down on price including risk, months of repairs needed, and lost rental revenue. Ultimately Michelle and Todd ended up buying at a much more reasonable price, all because of the negotiation Center Square did on their behalf.

“I’m SO glad we asked before pulling the trigger on buying. Center Square helped us uncover what we didn’t know and ask the right questions.”

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