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CenterSquare SELL My House 2

Sell My House Two

Sales Price: $880,000
Address: Belmont, MA

Albert and Melissa owned a two-family home where Melissa’s sister also lived. Although they were planning to renovate their second home and relocate after Albert’s cancer treatments were complete, a sale now would generate funds to cover mounting expenses. Melissa also expressed that it was paramount the process be stress-free, as Albert dealt with cardiac issues in the past.

A Center Square advisor tapped into her extended network and brokered a sale of the property at full market value, with only one afternoon of showings. The buyer let the family remain living there so Albert could complete his treatments, and a Center Square transition specialist helped coordinate every detail so they could move on without skipping a beat.

“I do hope you know that I am beyond appreciative of having your help, experience, and professionalism.”

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