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Margot Sell My House

Sell My House One

Sales Price: $665,000
Address: Winchester, MA

Margot was living with her mother in their multi-family home, where she had lived all her life. Her mother recently passed away leaving her unsure of what her next move should be. Two days after her mother’s passing, Margot received a knock on the door from a neighbor offering her 20% below market value for the house. She had a gut feeling that something was off, so she contacted Center Square.

The house was in rough shape due to deferred maintenance, and the tenants in the building didn’t want to move out because they were paying well below market rate for rent. A Center Square advisor coordinated with the right lawyers to handle the renters and negotiated a deal that ended up saving Margot thousands in cleanup costs. They also made sure the deal had a flexible close date to account for the tenants moving out.

“When it came to this process, I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I feel so lucky Center Square helped me navigate.”

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