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CenterSquare SELL My House 4

Sell My House Four

Sales Price: $750,000
Address: Somerville, MA

Glenda and Bill lived on the second floor of a multi-family home for years, with a tenant renting on the first floor. As they got older, they couldn’t easily move up and down the stairs to their living space. They wanted to move out to the suburbs to be with their daughter, a single parent raising their only grandchildren, but their equity was tied up in their home.

A Center Square advisor helped them find a buyer and went to bat for them along the way. When their advisor noticed Glenda and Bill’s washer and dryer were missing and there were other miscellaneous unnecessary charges being billed to them, they negotiated a significant deduction on their behalf. They also structured the deal so that Glenda and Bill had time to find a home in their new town with a first-floor master suite in close distance to their daughter.

“Our advisor’s patience and attention to detail were unmatched.”

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