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CenterSquare SELL Loved One 2

Sell For Loved One Two

Sales Price: $1,100,000
Address: Belmont, MA

Jillian, who is around 70 years old, was dealing with selling her 100-year-old father’s home. The home was built in the 1970s and looked its age. She had crippling anxiety and guilt around selling the house. Jillian was upset about leaving behind the memories she made there and worried about how she’d help her father transition successfully.

Jillian’s Center Square advisor held her hand through every step of the process. He gently but realistically explained how the house stacked up against the current market and suggested repairs that would incur minimal costs but make the biggest impact on the house’s sale price. Center Square also marketed the house drawing on its great structure and history. In the end, Jillian got a fair price for the house and the emotional reassurance she needed for her and her father to successfully move on.

“Center Square helped us through one of the most difficult moments of our lives.”

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