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CenterSquare SELL Loved One 3

Sell For Loved One Three

Sales Price: $95,000
Address: Lowell, MA

Selena had to sell a condo that was inhabited by a family member who was a hoarder. Due to the extent of the hoarding problem, the condo was condemned by the city and had severe structural damage. Selena was extremely nervous that the condo was unsafe and that no one would want to buy it in such a condition.

Center Square took the challenge head-on and got creative with the sale, ultimately coordinating with a buyer who was willing to take the condo as-is. That meant the buyer assumed the risk associated with the condo instead of the client. Selena was able to successfully hand off the condo, find support for her family member, and successfully move on.

“Center Square took a dark time for us and made it light. We are beyond relieved.”

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