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CenterSquare SELL Loved One 4

Sell For Loved One Four

Sales Price: $350,000
Address: Stoneham, MA

Roberto had inherited a single-family home. His brother was gravely ill, so he wanted to sell the house immediately to keep up with the medical bills and be able to continue to support his brother’s treatment. Knowing speed was a key factor, Roberto’s Center Square advisor advertised the house at 15% below market value to try to get it under contract immediately.

Working against the clock, Center Square made sure the house was clean and staged properly, all while Roberto and his brother received status updates from states away. On the weekend of the open house, over 100 people showed up. Roberto’s advisor sold the house quickly at asking price, freeing up time and emotional bandwidth for Roberto to focus on his last few months with his brother.

“We couldn’t thank Center Square enough for getting this done so quickly and for the right price.”

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