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When it’s time to sell your house, you deserve the best partner to make it easy.

We don’t just list your house, we roll up our sleeves and do the hard work to get you the maximum value. Whether it’s staging, quick improvements, clearing out the clutter – we make it painless for you.

We’ve seen it all and work with all types of people selling all kinds of houses. Consider it a judgment-free zone.

Center Square is a non-designated agency which means that EVERY agent here is set up to give you our undivided attention and support you 100%.

Center Square advisors are well versed in both public and private sales so whether you want your home marketed to the world, or you want to keep it a private affair, we have the expertise to get it sold at the right price.

Want to understand your options? Connect with us and let’s talk.


Our customers are our best awards. Read a few of our success stories and see how Center Square can help you move.
Margot Sell My House
Sold: $665,000
Address: Winchester, MA
Margot was living with her mother in their multi-family home, where she had lived all her life. Her mother recently passed away leaving her unsure of what her next move should be. Two days after her mother’s passing, Margot received a knock on the door from a neighbor offering her…
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CenterSquare SELL My House 2
Sold: $880,000
Address: Belmont, MA
Albert and Melissa owned a two-family home where Melissa’s sister also lived. Although they were planning to renovate their second home and relocate after Albert’s cancer treatments were complete, a sale now would generate funds to cover mounting expenses. Melissa also expressed that it was paramount the process be stress-free,…
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CenterSquare SUCCESS Best Makeover Award
Sold: $325,000
Address: Randolph, MA
Michael was looking to sell a home with over 40 years of memories, and wear and tear to match. Center Square coordinated a team to clean the house out, remove window coverings to let more light in, and take up the rugs to reveal the original hardwood flooring. The small,…
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CenterSquare SELL My House 4
Sold: $750,000
Address: Somerville, MA
Glenda and Bill lived on the second floor of a multi-family home for years, with a tenant renting on the first floor. As they got older, they couldn’t easily move up and down the stairs to their living space. They wanted to move out to the suburbs to be with…
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