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When it’s time to sell a house for a loved one, you have more than enough to worry about. You and your family need more than just a realtor. You need a team who gives you experience and resources, and who gives your loved one patience and compassion.

Yes, we are realtors, but more importantly, we are parents, grandparents, and children. We know what it’s like to have a home in our family for thirty years or more and then have to sell it – all while attending to our family member’s health at the same time.

Our expertise in helping families move on starts with the integrated support we give our clients. We go beyond the sale of the house and are your one-stop-shop for a seamless transition.

We fully understand that not every house is show-ready. Life happens, and sometimes maintenance falls by the wayside. At the end of the day, we’ve seen it all and we know exactly what to do to get you the most value for your house. We find the right buyers and get the job done.

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Our customers are our best awards. Read a few of our success stories and see how Center Square can help you and your family move.
CenterSquare SUCCESS Most Tech Savvy
Sold: $500,000
Address: Wakefield, MA
Christine had inherited a four-family home, but her partner Jeff was very ill, and the bills were adding up. A quick sale would help her tremendously, but she didn’t want her home to be publicly listed because of the embarrassment she felt about the situation. Christine was also concerned about…
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CenterSquare SELL Loved One 2
Sold: $1,100,000
Address: Belmont, MA
Jillian, who is around 70 years old, was dealing with selling her 100-year-old father’s home. The home was built in the 1970s and looked its age. She had crippling anxiety and guilt around selling the house. Jillian was upset about leaving behind the memories she made there and worried about…
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CenterSquare SELL Loved One 3
Sold: $95,000
Address: Lowell, MA
Selena had to sell a condo that was inhabited by a family member who was a hoarder. Due to the extent of the hoarding problem, the condo was condemned by the city and had severe structural damage. Selena was extremely nervous that the condo was unsafe and that no one…
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CenterSquare SELL Loved One 4
Sold: $350,000
Address: Stoneham, MA
Roberto had inherited a single-family home. His brother was gravely ill, so he wanted to sell the house immediately to keep up with the medical bills and be able to continue to support his brother’s treatment. Knowing speed was a key factor, Roberto’s Center Square advisor advertised the house at…
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